Creating and Using Barcodes with Inkscape

January 09, 2015
Barcodes provide a simple, reliable, machine-readable way to read numbers or addresses into your computer (or smartphone or tablet) so that information can be looked up online or in a database.

Barcodes are used in a variety of industries such as in library systems, in blood banks, for labeling telecommunication equipments, ISBN codes in books, on packaged products - just to name a few.

There are different types of bar codes in use such as - 'numeric only' barcodes (Eg: Code-11), alpha-numeric barcodes (Eg: Code-128), 2-dimentional barcodes (Eg: QR-code) and so on.




The question is how do you create a barcode using Free Software ? Is it possible at all?

Terry Hancock has written an interesting article that walks you through how to create basic barcodes using the Free software Inkscape.

Read more at : Creating and Using Barcodes with Free Software