Ubuntu 12.10 will have a shopping lens

September 23, 2012
When Ubuntu 12.10 is shipped in October this year, the Unity interface will include a shopping lens.

A 'lens' is a piece of code that allows you to search for specific information both locally and remotely. Many useful lenses have been created for Unity by various third parties. For instance, you can create a Wikipedia lens that will display search results exclusively from Wikipedia right on your Ubuntu desktop.

When you search for products using the shopping lens in Ubuntu 12.10 Unity, it will display relevant results from Amazon.com. Quite a useful feature to have , don't you think ?

You can even remove the shopping lens if it is not up to your taste.

Not withstanding its usefulness, a controversy has been stirred up with people airing privacy concerns, and the fear that Ubuntu might start pushing their affiliate links as results on the desktop.