Gentoo Linux releases 12.1 LiveDVD

April 04, 2012
Gentoo Linux has released a new edition of its LiveDVD - ver 12.1. It comes choke full of software and offers a chance for ordinary folks to try out Gentoo on their machines without making changes to their hard disk.

This is what the brand new Gentoo LiveDVD has to offer.

Linux Kernel 3.3.0,
Xorg 1.12.0,
KDE 4.8.1,
Gnome 3.2.1,
XFCE 4.8,
Fluxbox 1.3.2,
Firefox 11.0,
Gimp 2.6.12,
Blender 2.60,
Amarok 2.5 ,
VLC 2.0.1, and many more.

In total, the Gentoo LiveDVD contain 1920 packages.

Gentoo LiveDVD doesn't come with an installer in the traditional sense. So you may not be able to install Gentoo from the LiveDVD.

Gentoo LiveDVD is available in 2 flavors - a hybrid x86/x86_64 version, and an x86_64 multi lib version. You can download the appropriate ISO image of the Gentoo LiveDVD for your architecture by clicking on the following links - x86 image, or amd64 image. Torrents are available at