Linux Kernel 3.3 Released, will support Android Apps

March 19, 2012
Linux kernel 3.3 has been released with a few new features. The significant among them being the merging of Android code with Linux. What this means is, in the future, you will be able to install and run Android Apps in Linux without needing any modifications. This is essentially a work in progress and the full Android support is expected to be available only in Linux kernel 3.4.

Oher notable features are improvement in Btrfs and Ext4 file systems; several network improvements in the form of software implementation of a multilayer network switch (Open vSwitch), better bonding of network interfaces, improvements in latency in network traffic caused due to excessive buffering and so on.

Another notable feature of this release of the Linux kernel (3.3) is its support for a new architecture. Linux kernel 3.3 now support Texas Instruments C6X family of processors.

Read the release notes for the full details.

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