HP Contributes webOS to the Open Source Community

December 13, 2011
HP has contributed webOS to the open source community. webOS is a mobile OS  originally created by Palm. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript heavily in the application layer of the stack. This is an obvious advantage for developers as applications can be easily built using standard web technologies.

And webOS is based on Linux.

The official announcement also states that HP plans to be an active participant in the further development of webOS. HP president and CEO Meg Whitman says -

webOS is the only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile, cloud-connected and scalable.

HP will also contribute the application framework for webOS named ENYO to the community in the near future.

Now all that remains is for the cellphone manufacturers to start selling mobile phones that are powered by webOS.

If the acceptance of webOS by the cell phone manufacturers and end users take off, this mobile OS has the potential to be a viable competitor to Android and iPhone.