Learn To Use Vim Text Editor The Easy Way

September 28, 2011
Vim is an enhanced version of the ever popular command line text editor vi. If you master the use of Vim text editor, it can be a very powerful tool in your hands, and allow you to do amazing text editing feats with just a few taps on your keyboard.

In 2007, this site had conducted a poll, and over 50% of the respondents said their favorite text editor is Vi.

Did you know that a project called Cream of Vim allows you to use Vim just like your regular text editor without learning the Vi commands ?

And if you are an Emacs fan, let me assure you, Vi beats Emacs hands down.  :-)

Moving on ...

Henrik Huttunen has created an online site called Open Vim, that teaches a Vi beginner how to use this seemingly arcane albeit very powerful text editor.

Online vim editor

Open Vim supports most of the basic Vi commands, and then a few more. It is not exactly a complete Vi editor yet however, the author of "OpenVim.com" claims it is still a functional clone of Vim that can aid Vi beginners to master the rudimentary skills in using Vi.

The main advantage for anyone from this project, as I see it is you need not have access to Vi text editor to master vi. You just need access to a web browser and an internet connection and - voila! you are up and running on the path to  mastering Vi.