KDE 5.0 Will Be Modular, Will Support Mobile Devices - Aaron Seigo

August 26, 2011
Aaron J.Seigo - Project leader and developer at KDE, in an interview with Andreas Proschofsky of der Standard says, the next big thing for KDE users and developers is the KDE Frameworks 5.0. Aaron was speaking on the sidelines of the Desktop Summit.

KDE Frameworks 5.0 will allow developers to mix and match the features they want their applications to support. There will be a lot of code reuse. In fact, KDE Frameworks will help KDE desktop to evolve and be more modular, supporting a large number of devices such as tablets, cell phones et al.

Aaron says, he does not however believe that it is the end of the road for the PC either.

In the long term, the road map for KDE is to create applications using QML, Javascript and OpenGL.

In the interview Aaron goes on to talk about significant KDE projects such as Plasma Active which will be a UI geared towards consumer electronics and which will have touch support built-in. Also an API that allows GNOME and KDE to use a single reference implementation for keyrings that allow you to securely store all your secrets.