Get Free Printed Copies Of The Book - Version Control By Example

August 13, 2011
Eric Sink the founder of SourceGear - a company that has developed a slew of products revolving around Version Control has published his book named - "Version Control by Example".

And guess what, he is offering a printed copy of the book for free to whoever asks for it.

All you have to do is to visit this page and fill up your contact details. And Eric promises to send you a printed copy of his book to your address - shipped free of cost.

What is version control ?

A version control system maintains an organized set of all the versions of files that are made over time. Version control systems allow people to go back to previous revisions of individual files, and to compare any two revisions to view the changes between them. In this way, version control keeps a historically accurate and retrievable log of a file's revisions.

More importantly, version control systems help several people (even in geographically disparate locations) work together on a development project over the Internet or private network by merging their changes into the same source repository.


"Version Control by Example" book by Eric Sink include in-depth examples featuring multiple version control software such as - Subversion, Mercurial, Git, and Veracity.

You can also download the book or browse it online at