Gentoo Linux releases 11.2 LiveDVD

August 09, 2011
Remember Gentoo Linux ? Yes the very same Gentoo which stood apart from the rest of the Linux distributions in its uniqueness. For instance, when most Linux distributions out there including the main stream ones provide binary packages for download, Gentoo's packaging system uses source code.

That means, as an end user, you have to download the source code to your machine and compile it first - if you want to start using it. However, Gentoo developers have fine-tuned and automated the whole process via its stellar package management system called Portage.

Gentoo calls itself "a fast, modern meta-distribution with a clean and flexible design".

Having used Gentoo in the past, I can vouch for its credibility. Gentoo is everything it stands for.

Gentoo has now released a Live DVD to celebrate the continued collaboration between Gentoo users and developers. Around 2.8 GB size, this live DVD comes with a whole gamut of open source and free software. And it gives Linux enthusiasts a taste of using Gentoo, for once, entirely skipping the installation routine.

What you will find in Gentoo Live DVD

  • Linux 3.0 kernel
  • Window Managers / Desktop Environments - (Lots of them) - KDE 4.7.0, GNOME 3.0.0, Xfce 4.8, Enlightenment 1.0.8, Openbox 3.5.0, Fluxbox 1.3.1, XBMC 10.1 Awesome 3.4.10, and LXDE-Meta 0.5.5.
  • Office, Graphics, and Productivity Suites - GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Abiword, Blender, XEmacs ... just to name a few.
  • Plethora of Web browsers - Mozilla Firefox 5.0, Chromium 13.0, Arora, Opera, Epiphany, Sea Monkey ...
  • Communication tools
  • Development environments, and 
  • Multimedia Apps

Download Gentoo Linux LiveDVD

You can download Gentoo LiveDVD in two flavors namely -
  1. x86, and
  2. amd64
You can also use a bit-torrent client to download the live DVD by visiting

[Source : Official release announcement]