World's First Solar Powered Desktop PC

July 26, 2011
How would you like to own a Desktop PC that runs on solar power ? A solar PC that can work upto 3 - 4 days without sunlight ? A PC that helps you reduce your carbon footprint thus helping you contribute your mite in saving the environment ? And - drum-roll please - one that comes pre-loaded with Linux ?

Solar power operated desktop PC

Well, Simmtronics Semiconductors Ltd - a company in India has gone ahead and done just that. Simmtronics has Launched India’s First Solar Power Operated Desktop PC. And it comes pre-loaded with Linux.

The company claims to be the first across the globe to launch a desktop PC based on solar power.

Why is a solar powered PC good for India ?

India, being a developing nation and vast in size, still has many places where frequent power cuts and electricity disruptions are the norm - especially in metros and villages. In such places, this solar PC will be god send and will make the people less dependent on traditional power sources.

More over, India has one thing that is abundant - sunlight, which makes the manufacture of a PC that is powered by the Sun a good choice.

Most of the Government projects of connecting villages like - evillage , Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyaan , CSE etc, are facing operational as well as implementation problems due to non availability of proper and continuous power supply. And Simmtronics is targeting its solar PC for use in projects like these.

Simmtronics plans to sell their Solar based Desktop PC range across world through their company’s authorized channel partners.

The price of the solar PC is fixed at Rs 29,999 ~ US $680.

Psst.. You might even get a 20% discount if you happen to mention this blog when buying the solar PC from Simmtronics. *wink* *wink*

About the company

Simmtronics Semiconductors Ltd manufactures PC, Laptop, Netbook, Motherboards, Memory Modules, Monitors and VGA cards. The company has 4 manufacturing facilities – 3 in India and 1 in Singapore and has sales offices in UAE, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, UK, USA and Singapore. Simmtronics is currently opening 1000 Simmstores in India.

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