Chrome OS Laptops - A Review

June 11, 2011
Here is a critical review of Google's Chromebook. I call it critical because the reviewer dwells more on the bad and the ugly of Chromebook. And he also works for Microsoft ;-).

Stefan's review of Google Chromebook seems quite honest considering he owns one. These are the main points he puts forth in his review.

The Good Aspects of Chromebook

  • Hardware - Very good quality.
  • Very fast resume and start.
  • Large trackpad that supports Multitouch.

The Bad Aspects of Chromebook

  • Chrome OS updates - somewhat similar to Microsoft service packs - took a long time to download.
  • Underpowered unit - Lag time is huge when surfing the web using 3G and WiFi.
  • Very stingy disk space - Only 16 GB.
  • You have to shell out $500 to own a Chromebook.