Switching To Linux - Tale Of A Former Mac User Who Is Also A Musician

March 15, 2011
Official Ubuntu Book, The (5th Edition)Switching to Linux is easy for most of us. You just have to download and burn a Linux distribution and boot your computer with it. If the Linux distribution you have chosen is a modern one, then you can finish installing it on your machine in 6 steps or less.

However, if you rely on your computer for a living, then you need to do some preparations prior to making the switch. Kim Cascone, an experienced and gifted musician and composer had been using an Apple PowerBook to compose music. When his PowerBook G4 exhibited signs of age, he did a quick fact check and found that he could save as much as $3000 (which includes the machine and the software costs) if he switched to Linux.

While his switch to Linux has not been without glitches, he did overcome them and more importantly, has provided detailed documentation on how he made the switch, and the problems he encountered.

Read Kim Cascone's tale of Switching to Linux - Linux Music Workflow.