Qt Goes To School - Free Training Course Material For Teachers

February 07, 2011
Nokia Qt Education Initiative

Nokia's Qt team has unveiled a new initiative - namely to build awareness about Qt - the library that is the building block of KDE - among students and academia.

Choosing an appropriate library for your software is a significant first step to developing your product.

And Qt is a good choice for the simple reason that it is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developing once, and deploying across Windows, Mac, Linux/X11, embedded Linux, Windows CE, Symbian and Maemo without rewriting the source code.

Currently, Qt in Education Course Material page has around around 10 lectures that cover the basics of Qt in addition to some special topics. The idea is to provide the teachers the necessary tools - such as PowerPoint slides, notes, exercises etc which will make their job a lot easier in teaching Qt to their students.

The lectures lasting 90 minutes each consist of notes for the teacher and exercises for the students. And the lecture is provided in multiple formats such as Microsoft PPT files, OpenOffice.org Odp, and PDF.

You can download all the lectures together at once (45 MB download) or download individual lectures.