Open Source Tools For Professional Photographers

September 05, 2010
Photography Camera

Professional photographers through their pictures capture the true essence involving people, places, or things. They take pictures to sell products, entertain people, report the news, or bring back memories. All this involves lots of graphic work such as editing for invites, posters, magazine covers, touch ups etc.

Did you know there is a good collection of open source software available at a professional photographer's disposal ?

This includes tools for basic color correction and adjustment (called profiling), photo management software, graphics editing software, and of course publishing tools which allow you to share your photos with the outside world.

If you are a professional photographer or an aspiring one, then the article Photography with Open Source / Linux will be a great help for you. This article written by Nathan Willis delves deep into the various tools that aid you to create photographic masterpieces.

I especially like the tools he covers in the "Effects section" such as GIMP, Liquid rescale, Hugin etc. Hugin is used to stitch images seamlessly.

Check out the fine article courtesy of WorldLabel blog.