LibreOffice - A Free Productivity Suite Makes Its Debut

September 28, 2010
LibreOffice a Free office suite makes its debut. LibreOffice is a fork of and is sponsored by Google and Novell. The office suite is essentially and even contains the very same icons and graphics of

However, LibreOffice will be under the control and direction of a new foundation named "The Document Foundation" created by leading members of the community. The foundation's job is to steer the office project towards new horizons bringing further enhancements to this very popular productivity suite. In fact, enhancements produced by the Go-OOo team will be / have already been merged into LibreOffice, with a steady stream of improvements promised in the future.

The trademark is owned by Oracle Corporation. Hence the name change.

Mark Shuttleworth has gone on record saying that future versions of Ubuntu will be shipping with LibreOffice instead of

You can download a beta version of LibreOffice at the following link.

For more details, read the press release.