What Can I Do To Get An Interview At Google ?

May 06, 2010
Ever wanted to work at Google ? You bet. So what do you do to get yourself hired by Google ? The following tips provided by Google engineers shows you the way.

Tips To Get Hired By Google

  • Do something incredible, interesting, and innovative.
  • Get involved in open source projects.
  • Studying in a top college and getting good grades definitely helps.
  • Write your resume with focus on things which you have actually done. 
  • Make your resume stand out from rest of the crowd.
  • Do not lie about what you did. Bluffing isn't going to get you anywhere near Google.
  • Finally visit google.com/jobs and see which positions are open at Google. 
The above tips were provided by Fitz and Ben from Google’s Chicago office. Watch the following video in which they elaborate on the above points.