Get 5 Awesome Games For A Steal

May 05, 2010
5 awesome games which run on Windows, Mac, and Linux - an $80 bundle. For a limited time period, you can get these games by paying what you want. You heard me right - even a dollar. What is more, you even decide who should get your money - the developers, the charity, or equally divided between the developers and charity.

Two charities are involved; namely - Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation. If you wish all the money you spend in buying these games will be donated to these two charities.

The games on offer are -
  1. World of Goo
  2. Aquaria
  3. Gish
  4. Lugaru(HD)
  5. Penumbra Overture.
I have played a demo version of "World of Goo", and I can vouch for its quality. It is a fascinating game that has received rave reviews from gaming enthusiasts. The other four games look equally impressive.

What really excites me about this offer is that all the games can be played in Linux apart from Windows, and Mac.

And paying what ever you can afford to buy this bundle of 5 games makes it a steal.

Not surprisingly, they have been able to raise nearly $200,000 in this unique way which makes it a win-win.

If you are interested in owning this set of 5 games then head over to and pay what you can afford - even if it is only a dollar.

Check out the following promotional video.