Sir Tim Berners Lee apologizes for forward slashes in web addresses

October 14, 2009
Sir Tim Berners Lee - the creator of the World Wide Web (WWW) has apologized for the mandatory forward slashes in web addresses. He says he could easily have deviced web addresses without the forward slashes.

This apology was made in the mist of a light hearted talk with a Times newspaper reporter.

However, Berners Lee need not be unduly worried. Most modern web browsers assume the http:// part and prepend it to an address when a user type a web address.

Web browsers are getting more and more intelligent. For example, if you type a phrase in the address bar of Firefox, chances are it will display the results for the query in your default search engine (usually Google). More over, if it is a well known phrase associated with a particular website, then you may even be taken directly to that website.

[Source : BBC]