Cheat Sheet For Networking Professionals

October 21, 2009
Free download of a collection of cheet sheets for computer networking professionals. All the cheat sheets are in PDF and are beautifully made. The cheat sheets are segregated into different categories such as -
  1. Protocols (BGP,EIGRP, First Hop Redundancy, IEEE 802.11 WLAN, IEEE 802.1X, IPsec, IPv4 Multicast, IPv6, IS-IS, OSPF, Spanning Tree)
  2. Applications (tcpdump,Wireshark display filters)
  3. Reference (IOS IPv4 Access Lists, IPv4 Subnetting, Common Ports)
  4. Syntax (Markdown, MediaWiki)
  5. Technologies (Frame Mode MPLS, QoS, VLANs)
  6. Miscellaneous (Cisco IOS Versions, Physical terminations)

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I had put together a small Cheat Sheet for MySQL a couple of years back which helped me in remembering the command line parameters used in manipulating MySQL database.

The idea of a cheat sheet is to help a person keep track of all the essentials of a topic. Thus cheat sheets play an invaluable role in brushing up ones knowledge in the least possible time.