Damn Small Linux - DSL

September 29, 2009
Damn Small Linux - also known as DSL - is a fully functional Desktop oriented Linux distribution which fits in a business card sized (50 MB) CD.

How to run DSL

You can run DSL from the following.
  1. Bootable USB Pen Drives
  2. Business Card CD (>= 50 MB)
  3. Compact flash card
  4. Zip drive
  5. Installed on your Hard Disk
  6. Entirely in RAM (Memory).
  7. From within another operating system such as Windows through virtualization.

What can DSL be used for ?

DSL, even while small in size (50MB) has applications for all your computer needs. It works flawlessly on old computers with just 64 MB memory so can be installed on old machines. DSL is ideally suitable for use by people on the move to be run from USB pen drives and business card CDs. Damn Small Linux has applications for almost any task you may want to do on your computer.

DSL Screenshot

The following is a screenshot of DSL version 4.4.10.

Damn Small Linux

List of Applications in DSL

DSL, despite its small size is packed with a valuable set of applications suitable for your basic computer use. A few applications worth noting are as follows :
  • Firefox web browser
  • Ted word processor
  • Sylpheed email client
  • Beaver text editor
  • Siag spreadsheet
  • xpdf PDF viewer 
  • Monkey web server.
This is just a subset of the useful applications bundled with DSL.

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