Install Google Chrome web browser in Linux

August 12, 2009
Google Chrome for LinuxGoogle has provided a pre-release version of its famed browser Google Chrome for Linux and Mac. However it is still very much in the development stage. You can download the latest builds of Google Chrome for Linux and Mac here.

All the same, if you want a stable Chrome web browser to work in Linux, then there is a work around. Codeweavers has released Crossover Chromium for Linux and Mac.

Crossover Chromium is the Windows build of Google Chrome running on top of Wine. It is provided as an all inclusive bundle which can be installed in Linux or Mac without Wine being installed separately. Crossover Chromium installs itself in a hidden folder named .chromium in your /home directory. Once installed, it can be accessed from the GNOME Applications > Crossover Chromium menu. It also provides an uninstaller which allows you to easily uninstall the program.

Download Crossover Chromium from the Codeweavers site.