An indepth look at Office Suite

April 22, 2009 is arguably the finest office suites available in the public domain. It is a direct competitor of Microsoft Office. It includes a Word processor ( Writer), a Spreadsheet ( Calc),a Presentation program ( Impress), a Drawing program ( Draw) and a Database ( Base).

While it might seem ironic to blog about this fabulous piece of open source software now, especially owing to the recent developments of Oracle taking over Sun Microsystems, fact remains that this is one office suite that has stood its ground against Microsoft Office - and even posed a threat to it.

But for a first timer, like any software, there is a learning curve involved in mastering It involves getting to know the interface, knowing the equivalent functions of the suite vis-a-vis Microsoft Office, and being productive. This is where a well balanced tutorial gains importance. blog has posted an in-depth article explaining the various features of and also comparing Writer with Microsoft Word (2003 & 2007). But that is not all, the article elucidates on the 6 step process involved in shifting from using Microsoft Office to using in an organization, which is really enlightening to say the least. While the article is essentially Windows centric, the functions and tips explained in it are applicable to even Linux users as is a truly cross platform software. The article is dotted with a vagary of links to very useful plug-ins and templates. For instance, do you know how to reduce the size of your presentation in ? This article teaches you that.