Kino - A Free alternative to Apple's FinalCut Pro

March 13, 2009
Kino is a non-linear DV editor for Linux. There are a plethora of video editing software around; right from the Free and Open source ones such as Cinelerra, The Open Movie Editor or KDEnLive to the other end of the spectrum which are dominated by the proprietary ones which cost big bucks such as Apple's FinalCut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Kino lies at the Free end of the spectrum.

What makes Kino stand apart from the rest of the brood is it's very simple user interface which is a boon for newbies taking their first baby steps in the art of video editing. But Kino is not a toy, rather, it positions itself as a full fledged cost effective video editing solution for most peoples needs.

Christian Einfeldt who is a producer at the Digital Tipping Point, has written a very useful article on WorldLabel blog describing the strengths and drawbacks of Kino software. He goes on to elaborate on how to capture video footage using Kino and, Kino GUI's main features. Christian mentions that Digital Tipping Point crew has used Kino for sharing rough edits. And all of their 1,229 five minute “source code” video posted to the Internet Archive’s Digital Tipping Point Video Collection has been rough-edited with Kino. Just to think, Apple's Final Cut Pro costs a whooping $1299.00 USD. And if you can get your job done with Kino, that would lead to significant cost savings, says Christian.

A very informative, must read article which walks newbies through the basic process of capturing and rough-editing videos to create a story using Kino.