Free HTML editor - A shootout for the best one

March 13, 2009
HTML editor shootout
Linux has a plethora of free editors, most of them are also good HTML editors. So the big question is, which one is the best HTML editor of them all? is having a nice shootout of seven free HTML editors in Linux. Those in the fray are - Bluefish, Amaya, Writer/Web, Quanta Plus, Screem, Kompozer and Composer (Oh yeah there is no mistake, both are different editors).

If you ask me, I mostly use Gedit to edit HTML code and it does a pretty decent job too. But for large projects, it always helps if you have project support and a few other time saving features as well. So which is the best HTML editor ?

The review says Bluefish is the best there is in coding your website if you are developing it in Linux. Bluefish is no Dreamweaver killer. But it provides the best all-round package owing to its excellent reference material and versatility; and it does so at an unbeatable price as well. Now you know which editor to opt for when building your website in Linux.