Download full version of Codeweavers software for free - One day only

October 28, 2008
We all know that spiraling gas prices throughout the world has put a strain on the economy. But instead of becoming melancholic about the whole situation, we should look at the brighter side of things. After all some good samaritan out there would do something to bring some cheer into our lives.

Take for instance CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White, who was so put off with the state of affairs in his country (USA) that he placed a challenge to the outgoing US president George Bush. And what was the challenge ? Well Jeremy placed six goals (He calls them lame duck presidential goals) which included the goal of reducing the price of gasoline to below a particular amount. And if any one of his goals were met before George Bush finished his term at office, then Jermey will, for one day, give away his flag ship products Crossover Linux Pro (For Linux and Mac) and CrossOver Games (Linux and Mac) to anyone for free. Guess what, the price of gasoline has indeed fallen to the level set by Jermey and George Bush is still the American President.

So for one day, more specifically October 28, 2008 which happens to be today, you and I get to download the un-crippled full version of the above mentioned Crossover products and get a valid license for the same, with one year support thrown in for free.

So head over to Codeweavers website and download your legal copy of Crossover products. Once you download the products, visit this page to get your free serial number.

Those who are not aware of Crossover software, it is a fine tuned implementation of WINE software which allows you to install and run Windows software natively in Linux.

Note: Due to high volume of traffic to the main Codeweavers website, you may download the trial versions of the software for Linux and Mac platforms from here. The trial versions can be unlocked to full versions with registered accounts when the main site comes back online.