Opera 9.50 web browser released

June 13, 2008
Opera has released yet another version of its flagship web browser by the same name. It comes with unique features, many of which are not yet available on alternate web browsers out of the box.

I have always found using Opera to be a pleasant experience. Some of the new features found in Opera are as follows :
  1. Opera Link : For the very first time, all your bookmarks, speed dial and notes taken in Opera web browser will follow you around where ever you go. You can even access them from your mobile phone. The catch being you have to be using an Opera web browser. Opera provides space on their server to store your bookmarks and other settings which makes this possible.
  2. Quick Find : Opera keeps track of not only the web addresses you visit but also words from pages you have visited. So if you do not remember the web address but remember a word on the web page, typing it in the address bar will let you zero in on the exact web page.
  3. Better fraud protection.
  4. A sharper skin.
Opera also claims that -
It’s faster, lighter and pushes us further out in front of other browsers, by blending the mobile and desktop worlds together in new and powerful ways.
But let the end users be the people who decide that. Why not visit Opera and download the latest version namely 9.5 and take it for a spin ? For all you know, you might get hooked to yet another fabulous web browser.


  • 9.51 has already released, but their new versions don't have support for all certificates, that's why I had to switch to firefox