Slackware 12.1 released

May 06, 2008
Which Linux user wouldn't know about the venerable Slackware ? The same one which has been elevated to cult status through the efforts of a single person Patrick Volkerding. Over all these years when flashy Linux distributions like Ubuntu rule the roost, Slackware has been successful in retaining its followers. Nay, Slackware user group comprises of a passionate set of Linux users who are keen on configuring their Linux box the old fashioned way namely editing plain text files. And these users have invariably mastered the art of configuring their Linux OS inside out.

A long time back, I had reviewed Slackware 11.0 and I found it every bit classic Linux and really took a liking to it. In fact, after I installed Slackware on my machine, I used to use it most of the time even though I had a couple of other Linux distributions installed on my machine too.

If you negate the latest versions of the packages that are bundled with Slackware 12.1, I believe not much has changed as far as installing it on your machine and configuring it. To know what are the changes in this new release, do read the official announcement.


  • Slackware... Simply the best.

  • I think free software licensing SHOULD ban all military use of it.

  • slackware-based live distros of linux are the only versions i've ever liked. and i despised linux for a long time based on my experience with fedora core one.

    i give a big thumbs down to ubuntu, fedora, and suse...the only (i think) others i've used.

    i'm so impressed with slackware that i intend to switch to using it as my primary os when i install 12.1. every time i run bash it takes me back to my college years working on a dec vax.

    best regards.