FreeBSD and Linux commands at your finger tips

March 30, 2008
Would you like to have all the important Linux and FreeBSD commands with suitable examples fit in a couple of pages ? If you do, then you have got your wish.

Colin Barschel has put together what he calls the Unix Toolbox. This is a fabulous piece of compilation which contain all the frequently useful commands in Linux and their equivalents in FreeBSD. This document covers a wide range of topics divided into 22 sections such as system, processes, file systems, network related, VPN, cryptography, installing and managing software and so on.

What I really like about Unix toolbox is that it is well structured, each section has a Linux subsection immediately followed by a FreeBSD subsection which explains equivalent commands in FreeBSD. Secondly, the document is made available in multiple formats namely PDF, HTML page, booklet version fit to be printed and made into a small booklet and so on.

A very good resource for any Linux/FreeBSD enthusiast. There is also an additional bonus. Visit the homepage of this site and you get a FreeBSD console right within your web browser. As of now there are 30 commands which can be used. Colin has used the termlib library to create the virtual terminal.


  • Awesome link. I am a Linux beginner and I read your blog on a regular basis. I follow most of your links and usually benefit from this. So, thanks for posting stuff like this!

  • Srikanth

    I happened to hit that PDF just yesterday. But didn't visit the home page till you mentioned. Awesome, isn't it?