Sun Microsystems acquires Innotek - the makers of Virtualbox

February 13, 2008
Innotek are the makers of the popular open source virtualization software called Virtualbox which is an excellent alternative to the closed source Vmware product. Virtualbox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware. Sun has revealed that it has acquired Innotek. It was only a few weeks ago that Sun anounced its acquisition of MySQL for a cool billion dollars.

Sun asserts that Virtualbox will remain open source and will compliment Sun's xVM Server products which addresses both desktop and server virtualization. xVM integrates both virtualization software and data center automation tools thus providing the technologies to operate data centers at radically reduced costs.

Virtualbox has seen over 4 million downloads from January 2007 till date.

Fig: Virtualbox user interface

I have personally found Virtualbox to use less memory resources than Vmware server. It comes with an intuitive GUI And with some point and clicking you can set up any operating system to run as a client OS on your machine.

Read the official press release to know more.


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  • Ah I have always used Virtualbox and I've seen this news somewhere else. I wonder where the Virtual PC industry will yet lead us.