Reasons why schools should exclusively use Free software

January 13, 2008
Richard M Stallman who is the father of GNU and Free Software movement provides compelling reasons for schools to decide to embrace Free software over their proprietary counterparts.

To put in a nutshell ...
  • Using Free software will save school's money. And we all know that a majority of schools are always short of money.
  • Will help society as a whole escape from being dominated by mega corporations because todays school students who are trained to use Free software will continue to use the the same software when they are adults.
  • Free software permits students to learn how software works because they have access to the source code of the software.
  • At a deeper level, Free software encourage people to be good citizens and good neighbors — to cooperate with others who need their help. In the area of computers, this means teaching them to share software.


  • I agree with all of this save the last point; Free software on it's own will not do this. Proof enough is that half the people I talk to think that "free" in this context means "free beer" and not "free speech".