Is Microsoft really scared of Linux

December 13, 2007
Today I fired up Google search and without any particular reason typed in the search term "About Linux". And here is a snapshot of the search results. What is worth noting is the sponsored link "About Linux" - the third one from top - which is by none other than Microsoft and it goes on to say why Windows server environment is more secure than Linux....

Fig: Microsoft propaganda against Linux

Now having seen this, I was left with a smile on my face because obviously the top Microsoft Execs are spending sleepless nights thinking about the inroads that Linux has made especially in the server arena. Most number of websites and databases that are hosted on the net run on a server powered by a Linux distribution. And with the support enjoyed by Linux from industry leaders of the likes of IBM, it is no wonder that Microsoft has been forced to resort to advertisement to persuade the section of people who are interested in trying out Linux to their side.


  • Legolas

    Microsoft's explanation or 'facts' are even more bizarre.
    worth a read anyways.

  • Nelson

    The way things are going with Vista and the upcoming SP1 release, they should be afraid, since Linux actually works! By the time Vista SP1 is released, Linux will be compatible with more Windows apps than Windows will be!!

  • I did similar googling with different permutations and combinations of keywords, no Microsoft sponsored results for me! Could be location based ad targeting by Google.

    But I read the "Get The Facts" page. Hey, we can't live without good sense of humor!

  • I echo the comments by Nelson. Against my advice, my Dad bought a brand new laptop with Vista Home Premium. He's had it for less than a month and is now taking it back to the shop. He says it's too slow. I told it probably would be. It just goes to show that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.