BASH Tips and Tricks

December 03, 2007
This is a collection of a few tips that will help you in using the Bash terminal efficiently.

Bash Tip 1: Make your Bash scripts user friendly.

If you are writing shell scripts in Bash, you can make your scripts user friendly using the dialog command line tool. Using this tool, you can create lists, dialog boxes, message boxes, buttons, and so on. Read this guide to know more about constructing a Dialog.

Bash Tip 2: Quickly edit a lengthy command in Bash

You entered a lengthy command in the Bash shell and pressed the Enter key to execute the command. However, there was an error in your typing and you want to go back and correct the mistake. No worries, fc command will come to your rescue.

Bash Tip 3: Bash completion

You can extend the functionality of the Bash shell and make it more user friendly if you install an add-on package called Bash completion.

Bash Tip 4: Learn Bash Scripting in a mere 10 SECONDS

Don't believe it? Then wait till you read the guide Bash shell scripting. It teaches you how to write Bash shell scripts in a mere 10 seconds. Or your money back!!

Bash Tip 5: Bash shell shortcuts

Bash shell supports a number of short cut keys that aid you in moving around in the shell. Many of these short cut keys are real time savers. To know more, read the article Bash shell shortcuts.

Bash Tip 6: Bash shell variables

Bash shell associates special meaning to a few set of characters. Using these characters in Bash scripts offer you a great deal of flexibility. Read more in the article - Bash shell variables.