Motherboard guide - Motherboard fundamentals

November 12, 2007
I can say with certainty that almost all the people reading this blog display a degree of knowledge in using a computer. But how many of us have actually opened a computer and tried to figure out and correctly identify the different parts in it ? Not all of us I believe.

So for those who are in the dark, here is a crash course in understanding the architecture of a motherboard. This relatively old article explains the different parts of the motherboard and in what way each part contributes in the overall working of a computer. The article written by Jon Stokes starts from the basics and gradually move into relatively technical jargon such as northbridge and southbridge, the different buses, their protocols and bridges.

Motherboard architectureFig: The motherboard layout

While this article is nearly two years old and I am sure, the technology has moved forward a great deal in this time, nevertheless, it gives an insight into what comprises a motherboard in a computer.

Read the article to find out more.