Migrate your custom domain email to Gmail

November 15, 2007
Google is slowly but surely laying out a plethora services with the customers or end users in mind. Seriously, I will really be at a loss to list all the services that Google provides - there are that many. What really sets Google apart from the pack crowd is its obsession with simplicity and customer comfort in mind. Any day, I would rather use a clean, spartan Google interface to the ad infested slow loading mishmash of a webpage put together by its competition.

Here is yet another interesting service from Google you might be interested in. The service is called Google Apps and it allows those with their own domain to move their entire mail infrastructure to Google.

Daniel Miessler has an interesting take on how he accomplished moving all his mail from his web host to Google all the while keeping his mail id the same ie in the format mail [at] dmiessler.com.

Google provides its Google Apps in three editions depending on the number of features you need. The standard and education edition are provided for free and has pretty much all the features that a small business or an individual needs. But if you want more then they also provide a premium edition for which they charge a nominal $50 per year.


  • This is useful, but I find apps puzzling. If you were able to give more detail about the bits that really work for you, that would be great! I've copped your feed to track the posts :)

    PS moderation is a good idea, but word verification is VERY difficult for those with poor eyesight :(