Massive list of free educational video lectures - courtesy Berkeley and MIT

October 04, 2007
A couple of years back, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) released a press note revealing their intention to make available free of cost the study notes which includes lectures, tutorials, video and audio of lectures of all their courses online. This was big news then and was welcomed by aspiring professionals and institutions the world over. And MIT Opencourseware was the platform chosen to deliver on their promise.

In fact you can find a huge collection of video lectures (which this post is about) on the MIT opencourseware website. The lectures are divided into their respective sections which makes it quite easy to find what you need.

Also check out this web page which features links to over 177 video lectures from the Berkeley University as well as links to other online educational resources. A very good resource worth bookmarking.


  • Thank you Ravi! I'm going to check these links out!

  • That's very interesting... I was always trying to find tutorials, lectures, notes and stuff like that over the net. Now it's easier!

    Keep up the good work...

  • Posting anonymously as am in business network.

    In the past, I have downloaded these video lectures from MIT, and then realized that I need to be connected to the net to view the full video :-((


  • HI Thank you very much.
    I would recommend
    It has huge collection...

  • Also very useful for us MIT students who don't want to go to class....