Liquid Rescale GIMP Plugin

September 29, 2007
Liquid rescale is a GIMP plugin that intelligently resizes an image without losing those parts that are important.

It uses a technology called image re-targeting - algorithmically determine which areas of the image are important and then delete other areas retaining those which are important.

Liquid rescale GIMP plugin is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. However it is not included in the default set of plugins shipped with GIMP. So to start using the Liquid rescale plugin, you have to first install it separately.

Liquid rescale plugin can be installed in most Linux distributions using their respective package management tools.

If you are using Fedora Linux, you can install the Liquid rescale plugin using Yum as follows.

$ su -c 'yum install gimp-lqr-plugin'

After you have installed the plugin, you can access it via GIMP menu - Layer > "Liquid rescale..." as shown in the image below.

Liquid rescale GIMP plugin menu

Liquid rescale plugin

For further details on how to use the plugin, please visit the Liquid Rescale Plugin home page.


  • That's a great news! This added features for GIMP will really help in graphics layouts. Good article, I enjoy it and thanks for sharing.

  • Thats good news. A windows screenshot at linuxhelp? Little irony. :)

  • It's also a great lulz creator:


  • Hi! How does one gain access to the feature selection and feature exclusion options of the plugin? When I tried it out, those were grayed out.

  • Charlie Parker

    Very impressive, but not without it's flaws. Did it on a picture of three shots of Sarah Michelle Gellar and it did unspeakable things to her legs.

  • Tim Wintle

    This is a great pluggin, and well blogged. When I last looked you hade to compile from source.

    I did code my own version a while back in python, but liquid rescale works much faster!

  • srkoch

    need a plugin for the mac!

  • Seems it would be very useful for Vector Image Editing that includes Bitmap rendering and other affects where one would love to improve the on-the-fly scaling with a mix of vector/bitmap imagery.

    I'm thinking Inkscape would be interested in this.

  • Great, when can we have this work auto magically in firefox?

  • To use feature preservation or discard, create a transparent layer and paint over (opaquely) the parts you want to preserve/discard, like in the video. Use one layer for preservation and one layer for discard, and select these layers in the dialog.

  • Unknown

    You have got to be kidding me! This plug-in scales images yet the options window wont scale to fit on my screen. ???