XOrg version 7.3 blueprint for Ubuntu

August 18, 2007
Ubuntu is fast on its way to achieving full XOrg ver 7.3 integration in its next major release - Gusty Gibbon. Some of the features that one can look forward to in Ubuntu when XOrg 7.3 is fully merged can be put in a nutshell as follows :
  • One of the key features of Xorg 7.3 is better monitor autodetection. In integrating 7.3, the Ubuntu team will attempt to leverage this capability for as many graphics cards as possible. For those cards that lack drivers with xrandr support, they will retain the current system.
  • Output hotplug, as well as on-the-fly output reconfiguration and mode switching.
  • Input hotplug allows hotplugging of input devices, and also adds enhanced support for touchscreens and tablets provided xserver 1.4 is included.
  • Better support for multiple input devices.
  • A new intel driver replacing i810 and other intel drivers.
Then there is the prospect of a full featured GUI which allows one to edit and change the configuration of the XOrg server. At present if you want to change any aspect of xorg X server, you have to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file by hand. You can check out the blueprint for the merger of XOrg 7.3 in Ubuntu here.

More details of the xorg GUI including screenshots can be viewed here.

Fig: Dependency tree of XOrg 7.3