Poll - Which Window manager or desktop do you use the most ?

August 14, 2007
Nowadays, a majority of Linux users make use of a Desktop or a Window manager while working in Linux, irrespective of the flavor of Linux distribution. Some of us are more comfortable when using KDE while many others swear by Gnome. Again, lots of people use alternatives to the big two - Gnome and KDE for their own personal and practical reasons.

This new poll asks you which Window manager or Desktop you use the most while working in GNU/Linux or any other Unix.

One thing which I would like to highlight is that there is a slight difference between a Window manager and a Desktop. For instance, all Desktops can be considered to be window managers but not all window managers can be categorized as desktops. But for this poll, you can use the two words interchangeably.

So which window manager or desktop do you use the most ? You can cast your answer by participating in the poll. Like last time, the poll will be open for voting just over two weeks ie, till 31st of August 2007.


  • Ravi

    IMO, Beryl is a compositing window manager and is different from the ones featured in the poll because it cannot function on its own. Can it??? It works on top of a window manager or desktop to provide the effects. So in the traditional sense it cannot be clubbed with Gnome, KDE and so on.

    But if you insist then there is a "Some other ..." option in the poll which will include Compiz (Beryl).

  • I mostly use dwm with is only one binary file .In the past I was using ion3 but then I release than dwm fit better my needs and it require a lot less resources