Introducing the Interactive Linux kernel map

August 19, 2007
Linux kernel contains well over 5 million lines of code spread over 100's of files. And it should be a real chore to keep track of specific functions in the different files.

Enter the Interactive Linux kernel map. This map is unique in the sense that all the main functions which play an important part in the functioning of various aspects of Linux kernel are listed in a pictorial format. What is more, the picture can be moved around in the page using the mouse pointer and also zoomed to various levels just by moving the mouse wheel (if your mouse has one).

Navigation using the mouse is done as follows :
  • Wheel - zoOM
  • Drag - Move
  • Keywords, which are links which you can click and be taken to the respective pages.
Fig: Interactive Linux kernel map.

Let's say I want to find out more about the function sys_open(). I know that it belongs to the user space interfaces and in the storage section. Using the interactive Linux kernel map, I can easily navigate to the sys_open() link and voila! I am taken to another page which lists the name of all the files where this function can be found. Clicking on any link on this page takes one to the file and location in the file this function is used. Really cool. Even if you are not a programmer, you will find this tool really useful to troubleshoot or atleast pinpoint the problem if you have a better understanding of some of the functions used in the Linux kernel. SO without much ado, check out the Interactive Linux kernel map.


  • Constantine

    Thank you for the review!
    Author of the map.

  • This map has a real value. Its organized and it will surely serve as an easy tools to aid the linux user.