New features in Amarok music player - Sneak peak, pretty playlist, raw plasma

July 31, 2007
Amarok is a versatile music player for Linux/Unix platforms. A couple of months back I had reviewed this versatile music player which has a lot more features than just playing music.

The next avatar of Amarok is Amarok2 which is going to see a number of enhancements such as :
  • A better integrated play list
  • Artists can be associated with more than one genre
  • Purchasing from Magnatune now supports using gift card codes as an alternative to credit cards.
  • A OpenGL support for album selector - I may add that anything related to OpenGL at present requires you to install the proprietary graphics drivers of Nvidia or ATI depending on the graphics card you use.
  • The big central area has just been switched to using Plasma, the new desktop and widget technology in KDE4.
Courtesy : Amarok blog.


  • I need some big help!

    I am trying to get my desktops to act like a cube.

    And with a little bit of research I found that I needed to install Beryl.

    But I can't figure it out for anything!

    I've spent quite a bit of time on this but it seems so easy. What am I missing?
    I know I've got to get XGL and Beryl to install onto my Suse 10.2 with Yast but I'm not sure what those directions are saying. I'm kind of a new Linux user.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.