LinuxWorld conference and expo 2007 in United Kingdom

July 02, 2007
LinuxWorld conference and expo 2007
LinuxWorld expo is a Linux and Open Source conference and exhibition which is held in 12 countries and there are 15 shows (2 per year in the US, Japan, and in China; 1 each in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, UK, Italy and Netherlands). By conducting these expos, LinuxWorld facilitates the meeting of diverse businesses and individuals who are involved in Linux and Open Source and are appealing to a cross section of industries including automotive, health, banking, retail, education and local government.

LinuxWorld 2007 is tipped to set the latest trends in Open Source and Linux technologies. The show, which is expected to attract IT decision makers, business professionals and Linux enthusiasts, will showcase the latest technology, debate the use of Open Source in the desktop environment, touch on the use of Linux in the data centre and discuss the development of a common Linux-based platform for mobile phones. LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will take place at Olympia 2 for two days namely - 23rd - 24th October 2007.

Participation has already been confirmed by some of the largest players in the Open Source world including ThoughtWorks, Linux International and Mozilla.

This is what Laura Tythcott the even director, Early Action Group who is organizing the event has to say (and I quote):
Many industry watchers thought that the recent launch of Microsoft Vista would have challenged the ever-increasing update of Linux and Open Source within the enterprise. But that is not the case, many corporations who would have shied away from Linux and Open Source, now see it as a viable alternative to Vista as it requires less training and is just as easy to use.
He goes on to say ...
LinuxWorld 2007 is set to be the biggest and best UK show ever. It will showcase the latest Open Source technology and have experts on hand to help IT Managers and Directors make the best choices when purchasing and deploying Open Source software.
So if you happen to live in U.K and more specifically near London then don't miss this chance to visit the LinuxWorld expo. The visit timings are as follows :

Tuesday 23 October 2007 - 10:00-17:00 (Timings)
Wednesday 24 October 2007 - 10:00-16:00
Location - Olympia 2, London, United Kingdom

The conference will also showcase free business briefing seminars, Masterclass and technical seminars. And you could also participate in The Great Linux Debate.

You can get more details at the LinuxWorld Expo website.