15 extra ways to keep your brain healthy

July 02, 2007
As kids, each one of us were endowed with bountiful energy and we were raring to go and do things. Some of them which could have put us into trouble at one time or the other. But as we grow older, and reach our 30's, our high energy levels taper and hit a plateau and then from there by the time we hit 40's and 50's it is a steady decline....

... Unless we do something about it. Ririan a student in Bucharest, Romania has put together an article explaining simple ways by which you can maintain your level of brain activity and thus keep your brain healthy and save from deterioration. In short this is his list.

  1. Take 20-30 minutes time off everyday to empty your mind.
  2. Hit the streets - in one word exercise.
  3. Vary your exercise routines - try out multiple exercises and mix it up.
  4. Read a book - or a blog (Ps: You could make it a habit to daily read this blog for instance *wink* *wink*)
  5. Occasionally consume some caffeine drink (Coffee ??)
  6. Engage in a debate - Plain yakking will not do. It has to be serious thoughtful conversation.
  7. Play video games - Playing video games will help develop stronger visual skills and make decisions 85% faster. Ps. Pacman is still my favourate. You can also find a lot of games in Linux.
  8. Subscribe to a daily newsletter - You can find a box on the left side of this blog to enter your email and subscribe.
  9. Eat Curry - More specifically Indian curry. Make sure it is not Chicken Tikka Masala (The national curry dish of Great Britain) ;-). It's anything but healthy.
  10. Grab a cue and play pool - You could also play Chess which is sure to increase mental clarity.
  11. Learn an instrument - Now that is beyond me. But I do love listening to people play a wide variety of instruments.
  12. Eat lots of low fat dried fruits such as dates, apricots and so on.
  13. Fresh air golf playing - Those who can't afford to play golf can also try croquet.
  14. Less stressed with Yoga - This I like. Yoga is truly great to relieve stress.
  15. Build a miniature model - Time to buy Lego...
Do read Ririan's article which explains these 15 ways of keeping ones brain in shape in more detail.


  • DandrĂ©

    Hi there.
    It is against my beliefs to do yoga (no matter how good it may be) but one thing I would add to the list is Berries!
    Yeah it is one of the healthiest stuff your body and brain can get. I would know, been drinking them (unfortunately I only get it in juiced form ;-) ) for a few years now and it really makes a difference in your body's immunity, mental state, energy levels, etc. oh and it breaks down free radicals too!

  • Hello, what about fish???
    fish contains some rare fat or something that the brain uses to feed on or I don't know what it does with it, comming to think of it... But I do know it's good for your brain.
    So eat tons of fish!!! I believe the raw fish like haring in amsterdam is the best...