Timeline of web browsers

June 25, 2007
I came across this timeline of web browsers which is very interesting. The timeline threw up a number of surprises for me. For example, only five web browsers have ever been developed from scratch or in other words from grounds up. And surprise! one of them is not the infamous Internet Explorer. In fact, the Internet Explorer (according to the timeline) is originally based on the code base of Mosaic web browser.

The five original web browsers are Mosaic, Opera, Konqueror, Omniweb and iCab. All the rest of the brood have a percentage of the code of either Mosaic or Konqueror. So without further ado, here is the timeline of the web browsers ever developed.... (Courtesy: Wikimedia.org)

Please note:
The image is an SVG format and so you will need a web browser which displays svg images (Eg: Firefox).

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  • Sharad

    I guess you missed omniweb and icaab which also are from scratch as seen in the svg.