Create a Linux Desktop application In 14 minutes flat using QDevelop and Qt

June 03, 2007
Who said creating gui applications for Linux were difficult, tedious and mind numbing ? Ok, perhaps this was true 10 years back or so. But now Linux has a plethora of tools which make it possible to create GUI applications - I dare say as easily as programming in Visual Basic for Windows.

You can literally drag'n'drop, move and resize all the widgets such as buttons, text areas, radio buttons and so on and design a very good GUI in minutes. And in the forefront of ease of use is QDevelop which acts as a visual integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Qt applications for Linux.

Clive a 54 year old programmer who has over 25 years of developing experience walks one through the nuts and bolts of creating a GUI application from scratch. What is really interesting is that he uses QDevelop to design the application and also walks one through the steps involved in installing Qt & QDevelop, the different layouts in Qt as well as the final finished product. A very informative tutorial targeted at beginners.