A new way to look at networking

May 09, 2007
Van Jacobson is a research fellow at PARC. Prior to that, he was the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Packet Design, Chief Scientist at Cisco and has also headed the Network Research group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Van talks at Google Tech Talks about the concept of a network and how it enables the efficient transfer of data from one remote location to another. In the talk Van laments how the network research in the US has stuck in a dead end for the past decade or so and it should be a wonderful time for networking as every thing is connected to everything else, there are cell phones, computers, laptops, PDAs and so on and each can be connected with each other. But unfortunately as Van puts it every thing we do with networking is getting harder. Wireless barely works and information or data is not at sync with all the diverse devices we use. In his talk he puts forward his idea of how networking can be made simpler.

A very informative talk worth watching by anyone who is interested in knowing how computer networks work. Duration: 1 Hr 21 Min