Humor: A hilarious job profile for a System administrator

April 15, 2007
I came across this very humorous post for a job related to system administrators or web programmers. And the job description goes thus ...
We are seeking some poor, misguided fool to be paid next to nothing for a fulltime position doing highly skilled system administration work and rearend penetration testing in a mixed Windows 2000 and Linux environment. We lost our last IT worker because he found a higher paying job standing in front of Subway while dressed as a sandwich.

Skills required:
* at LEAST ten years experience in the administration of Windows 2000
* administration of Linux
* speak with animals
* SQL Server/MySQL

Read the rest of the job description at craiglist - you will love it ;-).


  • There is a general perception that Sys admins are the scrouge of the society who reside in the lower most levels of office hierarchy. This image is highlighted by portraying them as working from the basement :-).

    And in some ways it is true. When it comes to cutting back expenses, IT is the first section to feel the heat.

  • What's even funnier is that it says at least 10 years experience of Windows 2000.

    Is it 2010?


  • Yea, it is quite a funny job description, and I hope that someone will apply for it :) But I rather go apply for the job instead of the subway, at least I won't fuck my brain with Windows problems :)