How to pronounce Linux ?

April 15, 2007
My friend once asked me how you pronounce the word Linux. While I have heard the way it is pronounced from the mouths of numerous Linux users to be certain how you correctly pronounce it, I have felt it would be nice to hear it being pronounced by the father of Linux himself - Linus Torvalds.

It seems Linus Torvalds has tackled this question and has even created an audio of him pronouncing Linux. Paul Sladen has uploaded an audio file on his site, in which Linus is heard pronouncing the word Linux. Take it from me, almost 99.9% of Linux users pronounce it right the first time. But still if you are doubtful ...


  • I knew I have been saying it correctly!! Now all I have to do is get others to say it the same way.
    Have an unrelated question for you. I use Ubuntu but have not found any real good software to use for the new blogger. Any suggestions?

  • Ravi

    Perhaps you should look at flock web browser which has an in-built editor meant for posting to blogs.

  • Cd-MaN

    I'm using Firefox 2.0 directly, since it has integrated spell checking :)

  • I installed and am running Flock. It seems pretty good so far.