MythTV : How it flags commercial advertisements

October 31, 2006

MythTVMythTV is a Free Open Source digital video recorder project distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. In a previous post, I had written about the features of MythTV and listed a number of MythTV sites which provide help in installing MythTV and configuring it to work on ones machine. MythTV is a GPLed software which allows one to watch TV on ones computer. It has capability to intelligently detect commercials in the TV programs and skip through them.

The result is an advertisement free program for your viewing pleasure. I have at times wondered about the technique used by MythTV to accurately detect the times when the ads come up and successfully skip them. It seems MythTV has a variety of tricks up its sleeves.

MythtvPVR - an unofficial site dedicated to MythTV personal video recorders has an interesting article which explains all the techniques used by MythTV to successfully flag all the commercial advertisements and skip through them to provide a non-interfering viewing of your favorite TV soaps.