10 things to know before buying a video card

July 08, 2006
I have an Nvidia GEForce2 MX/MX 400 graphics card with 64 MB RAM. For me this is more than enough and meets all my needs including playing a couple of OpenGL games. And I get decent frame rates with this card - provided I have installed the Nvidia's proprietary drivers for Linux. But to play the new games on the block especially the graphics intensive variety, you might need a more powerful card. And Nvidia and ATI are the two dominant players in the graphics card market.

Seriously how does one choose a graphics card from the ones available in the market? If you ask me, the best bet would be to strike the right balance between price and power. But there are a couple more things you have to consider before you make the jump.

James Yu lists 10 things one might consider before buying a video card. It is not something that one may not be aware of but nevertheless it makes an interesting read.


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  • The link says AGP is pretty much dead...But reality kicks in, and suggests AGP is still dominating the majority of desktops...So much so, that Nvidia plans to release the GF7600-series in AGP forms in the future.

    If you're an Nvidia fan, go with the GF7300GT with DDR3. (It beats a GF7600GS, GF6600GT and is just a few frames slower than the GF6800GS!)...Alternatively, go for a GF7600GT, if you need more grunt.

    Either way, the GF7300GT/7600GT gives pretty damn good price-to-performance.