Six steps to installing Ubuntu Dapper Drake

June 05, 2006
If you ask me, I would say that installing Linux is much more easier than installing Windows. For one, you can skip the licence agreement. Second, the installers bundled with most Linux distributions give a clearer idea about what is going on and the steps the user need to take to finish installing Linux on ones machine. But the latest version of Ubuntu named Dapper Drake (Desktop edition) clearly takes the cake in the installation department with its Live CD graphical install method. Ubuntu team has finetuned the installation of Ubuntu to restrict it to a mere six steps. Just for this once, I will let the images below speak for themselves:

Fig: Step 1 - Choose your language

Fig: Step 2 - Set your timezone

Fig: Step 3 - Select your keyboard layout

Fig: Step 4 - create a user account

Fig: Step 5 - Partition your disk (if necessary)

Fig: Step 6 - Finally, start the installation

Fig: Installation in progress

Fig: Installation complete dialog

As you can see, it never gets any simpler than this. It only takes a little bit of comparison with installing GNU/Linux a few years back to realize how much GNU/Linux has advanced over these years.


  • It certainly has simplified the process.Installing Dapper is a breeze.Wi-fi which was flaky for me in Breezy works now 100% without any huffs & puffs.

  • Ubuntu rocks! No more Microsoft crap for me.

  • I've been experimenting with Ubuntu at work. I had Breezy Badger (Ubuntu 5) installed, and heard yesterday that a new version had been released. I was able to upgrade my system using the built-in update manager, it just downloaded everything from the net. Contrast that with a distro like Fedora Core (what I use at home) where you have to download it and burn the CDs (or set up a network boot, or whatever you do) and it's much better. I have to say, I'm beginnig to like Ubuntu more and more!

  • DandrĂ©

    I'm also a Linux fan but Linux for me is sometimes a big drag.
    Sure its interresting setting up new stuff but it takes so long to do it. Try installing SuSE on a machine with default software, you'll be busy for atleast an hour. Then you have to set up the firewall properly, install your latest software (Novell's Open Office SUCKS! So I install the ordinary OO 2.0) , set up drivers (I have to say that if you have SuSE and an nVidia card, then you can install your video drivers in literally minutes, the best I've seen and heard of all distros), etc. So one cannot just make the statement that its faster to install Linux than Windows. It depends greatly on what you want and what you still need.
    But still, Linux is worth the effort though.

  • Rob Stevens

    Last-attacker, I have but one word for you and that word shall be the solution to time consuming faffing about and configuring on Ubunutu (even with those pesky nVidia drivers). That word is Automatix -

    Check it out - it installs, tweaks and configures all sorts of useful stuff and makes a Ubuntu setup on of the easiest you'll ever see, all from an easy to use gui interface.

  • devnet

    Crap! Where have I seen this six step install?!?!?!? Oh, that's right. I saw it in 2003 with MEPIS and PCLinuxOS .71

    How bout that...Ubuntu is finally catching up. Bout time too.

  • This is a move in the right direction by the Ubuntu distribution maintainers. For one you can do away with distributing two CDs and second this type of install is simpler than the original method of installation.

    I think Knoppix first released the liveCD installation method but it was a script and did not have such userfriendly GUI front-end to it.